How It Works

Easy as pie! Everyone will pay for tube/kayak rental in our home office at 112 South State St. and sign the liability waiver. Consider renting a paddle, customers strongly suggest it, it helps guide you and you only need 1 or 2 per group. We can even hold your keys for you in the office. Once you are all  ready to go you will load one of our buses with your cooler and anything you want to bring on the river with you (whatever goes on the river with you, must also come off the river with you). We will then transport you to the entry landing and help get your tube/kayak unloaded and you can get set on your way!

REMINDER- Our Standard Tube and Kayaks are supplied with a life vest, however, our Youth Tube with solid bottom  IS NOT.  If your child desires a solid bottom tube we require you to provide a size appropriate life vest/jacket.

Your river float will be about 3.5/4 hrs, depending on river current, and any upstream breeze. There is beautiful scenery to take in and a lot of wildlife to see! Relax, enjoy the summer day, and have a blast with your family and friends. The exit landing will be clearly marked and located on the  left side of the river. Be sure to follow the signs to stay ON your tube until you reach the landing, you will get muddy feet if you don’t. Don’t worry it’ll wash off as you walk up the landing, if not, use our wash station back at the building. Our buses will arrive about every 20/30 minutes  for pick up. There are recycling/trash bins ,a Port-a-Potty, and picnic tables for your use while you wait for the next bus to arrive. This landing is located on Private Property, please stay in the designated area. Once your bus arrives the driver will get tubes loaded onto our trailer and you can take your seat, don’t forget your coolers! Our drivers will bring you back to our building, where you can disembark. Once back at the office feel free to use the wash station and changing rooms, don’t forget to grab your keys from the office!

KAYAK RENTALS– If you choose to paddle consistently with your kayak our route may only take 1.5 hours (approx. 3 miles). Please make note that there will be no one at the exit to pick you up until 1:15pm. We suggest not leaving in your kayak until after 11am. Due to the set up of our entrance and exit landing, you will get wet feet getting into and out of the Kayak.

If you take pictures, be sure to share them with us – #pectimetubing #ExploreLafCoWisco. We’d love to see them!

Okay, on a serious note, we do ask 3 small favors. Please be courteous of fellow river goers, we always want Pec Time to be a place families can come with children. Don’t litter- it’s just not nice. Lastly, DO NOT TRESPASS- respect the landowners, and our business. Trespassing is not only illegal, it makes unhappy landowners, and in turn becomes a problem for us. Not all land is marked with No Trespassing signs, but we assure you, all of it is private land. Just don’t be the bad apple, you know how the saying goes……

We apologize that the last paragraph had to be a bit of a downer , but we just wanted to give a little reminder.

All of us at Pec Time sincerely hope that you have a wonderful time and will come back and see us again! Check out the FAQ page and contact us if you have any other questions, we are happy to help.

Oh yeah, we almost forgot! Want to bring your dog?! ABSOLUTELY! Either they can sit on your lap while you float, or you can rent a cooler tube for them. We do require that dogs be on a leash at all times in our building, at the entrance/exit landing, and are not allowed to run on private property along the river. We are a family friendly establishment and we know they are family, too!


  • NO GLASS is allowed on the river- All coolers will be checked.
  • ALL tubes MUST be OFF the river by 7:00 pm
  • All cooler tube rentals will come with a reusable mesh trash bag.
  • NO personal watercraft can disembark at the Pec Time Tubing Exit Landing, this landing is for Private Use ONLY by Pec Time Tubing, Inc..
  • All land along the river is private property, Do Not Trespass.
  • Our Standard Tube is supplied with a life vest, however, our Youth Tube with solid bottom  IS NOT.  If your child desires a solid bottom tube we require you to provide a size appropriate life vest/jacket.
  • Should you need 911 for any reason, there are emergency markers (NOT mile makers) along the river, please make note of your location.