For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here.

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Our #1 most common asked question Is it appropriate to bring kids? Yes, we encourage everyone to have fun and relax, but we always want to be a place that you can bring your family. We aren’t going for that Frat party atmosphere, that you find on some rivers. Pec Time is more the neighborhood BBQ- ya know, a good time- good music- a few cold ones, maybe some margaritas, and the kids are having a water balloon fight. Sound fun?!

Q: Do we need reservations?

A: No, just show up and we will be ready for you. We have plenty of tubes and we will get you on the water in a timely fashion.

Q: Do you have coolers that we can rent?

A: No, we do not.

Q: Are these guided river float tours?
A: No, you are at your leisure to float at your own pace, there are no branches off of the main river to get off course and the exit landing is clearly marked.

Q: How long does the trip take?

A: It is approximately 3.5 hours long. Depending on river current this time may vary.

Q: What should we bring with us?

A: We suggest a cooler with beverages and snacks, sunscreen, bug spray and some sort of music to enjoy. If kids are coming long, some water toys sure are fun to have! You will want sandals to wear once you get out, and some sort of water proof camera, be sure to get pictures! We do not suggest taking anything of value on the river. Pec Time Tubing, Inc. is not responsible for any lost or damaged items.

Q: Are we allowed to tie our tubes together?

A: Yes, we will provide you with twine to tie the tubes together, we do suggest for river navigation purposes, you may want to consider no more than 12 tubes tied together at a time.

Q: Do you provide life vests?

A: Yes, we provide standard adult size life vests with our  standard tube and kayak. However, our Youth Tube with solid bottom  DOES NOT come with one.  If your child desires a solid bottom tube we require you to provide a size appropriate life vest/jacket.

Q: Can we bring our own tubes or Kayaks?

A: Yes; however we have a minimum $14 cost per person.

Q: Can we bring our own cooler tube?

A: Yes, however if we have to handle it ( load it in our trailer, unload it ect.) there is a $5 fee. If your cooler tube is small enough to fit on your lap during transport, meaning it does not take up a persons seat or cooler space, you can bring it for free. We are not responsible for any damage caused to personal tubes.