• Soakin' up some sun, havin' a whole lot of fun!


PLEASE READ- This information is for you to be made aware of how we are operating at this time. It is for you to make an informed decision, based on your comfort level, about choosing to come tube/kayak with us this summer. We hope to see you this summer !

We ask for your cooperation, and patience this summer. We are aware that we will never make EVERYONE happy with the processes in place, we are trying to navigate this ever changing situation as best we can. That is why it is important to us that you are fully informed, and from there, it is your personal choice.

  • STAY AT YOUR CAR until your ENTIRE group arrives
  • Be “RIVER READY” BEFORE you come to the building. Have all your dry clothes, cell phones, towels, ect. in the car, sunscreen applied, cooler packed ( NO GLASS), and exact CASH ( if possible) to avoid getting change back.- We can hold your keys. * These things help reduce extra traffic in & out of the building*
  • ONE GROUP in the office at a time- EVERYONE must sign a waiver- there is hand sanitizer at the desk. * IF YOU PREFER- you can PRINT your WAIVER at home from our website, have them all filled out and send ONE person from your group in to pay for the ENTIRE group.
  • STAY WITH your group- Be Respectful of Social Distancing.
  • There are Hand Sanitizer stations in the building, and inside each bus at the door.
  • Our team will clean commonly touched surfaces throughout the day- door knobs, faucet handles, ect.
  • It has ALWAYS been standard practice for us to wash all equipment when it returns, we have continued this.
  • MASKS- ALWAYS WELCOME- But, for safety reasons NOT RECOMMENDED to be worn while on the water. ( We suggest putting your masks in a zip lock bag in your cooler or other water tight bag, so they are dry for your use at the exit.)

Buses- Let’s talk about those Buses…

Our buses are smaller, 20 passenger average. We CAN NOT, always guarantee full social distancing. This is harder to manage at the exit, as we have no way to know how people will come off the river, and leaving people stand in some of the extreme heat we have had this summer for extended periods of time creates additional issues.-*** BRING WATER**

Getting ON the water– it is a 4 block bus ride. YOU MAY choose to walk, 3 blocks, to the entrance instead. BUT, YOU MUST arrange this with the bus driver and tube loaders, so they are sure to get your tubes on the next trailer going to the entrance landing.

Getting OFF the Water– You MUST take the bus back. It is about a 4 mile ride. There is NO way to bring your own car to the exit. Please remember we have hand sanitizer for your use at the bus door, and you can choose to wear your mask on the bus.* YOU ALWAYS have the option to wait for a bus with smaller groups loading- but, the last bus of the night, is the last bus*

For anyone new to visiting us at Pec Time, we are still “newer” and a smaller traffic company, at this time. We want to be completely up front with our customers about how things are being done, so you can make an informed choice about your comfort. Please note, we DO NOT have Social Distancing reminder signs up all over. There are many directional signs up in our building that we NEED you to see to help you understand where to go, ect. Too many signs makes it difficult for people to notice the ones they need to see.

We hope to see you out on the river this summer! Stay Happy, Healthy, and SOAK UP SOME SUN!